Bringing order to your ordering

For organisations looking to place regular orders or those who need to make larger or more complex orders, we have created the Customer Management Centre (CMC). We have trained a team of Argos colleagues to understand the specific needs of business customers, and make the purchasing process as simple as possible.

The purpose of the CMC is to help you to place orders quickly and easily and reduce the workload associated with ordering. Whether that be for larger orders or if you are looking to make regular purchases. The CMC will manage the entire order for you, including sourcing stock and arranging delivery, giving you the high quality efficient service you require.

Using the Customer Management Centre to help manage your purchasing has key benefits that are exclusively available for Business Account customers to cover all your procurement needs.

Friendly and understanding

  • The CMC team give you the chance to place orders directly with a team who are based in the UK.
  • They have received specialist training to ensure they understand the needs of your business.

Full visibility of stock

  • The team in the CMC have full visibility of Argos stock, meaning that when you place orders over the phone you will know straight away that the items you want have your name on them. This helps to make sure that orders for out-of-stock items are minimised.

Offer alternative items

  • If an item you want is either out-of-stock, or has been discontinued, the team in the CMC will be able to recommend alternative items to meet your needs.

Delivery at a time to suit you or your customers

  • The team can arrange delivery of the items you order to arrive at a time that works for you.
  • They select one of 4 convenient delivery timeslots to your business or to home: 7am-10am, 10am-1pm, 2-6pm and 7pm-10pm.

Our team, there for your team

Apply online in minutes for an Argos Business Account or contact us to discuss how the Customer Management Centre could reduce the complexity of your procurement processes.

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