Reduce the misuse of your funds

Unlike giving out cheques or cash grants, where you’re never 100% sure what will happen to the money, item specific Argos Collection Codes are secure and eliminate misuse.

With Argos Collection Codes, you can choose the item you want to give the recipient from over 30,000 products in the Argos catalogue. Instead of worrying about storing stock, managing postage and packaging, and paying for delivery, you just text, email or send a printed code to each recipient. Armed with this Argos Collection Code, they just pop along to their nearest Argos store to pick up their item whenever it’s convenient. Simple!

Why Argos Collection Codes?

Argos Collection Codes let you issue products immediately. Great for those times when you need to provide emergency items in a hurry.

Wide Choice
Over 30,000 Argos catalogue products to choose from, at price points to suit all budgets.

Save Money
No expensive delivery costs – Argos Collection Codes can be sent via text, email or paper voucher.

Eliminate Misuse
A unique 10 digit code makes them safe & secure. They can only be used once, and only by the recipient on the item you’ve selected for them. Giving you peace of mind.

Stored Value Cards

With our secure stored value cards you can load a £ value onto the card and give this to the recipient rather than sending a cheque. They are ideal when you are happy for the recipient to select their own items – maybe the colour of a kettle or curtains for example. They can view the product range online at, reserve the item they want and then pop down to their local Argos store to collect when it’s convenient for them.

Our cards allow the recipient freedom to choose their products, but at the same time allows you to keep an eye on your costs as you control how much is loaded onto the card. They are secure too and our reporting systems will allow you to see when the card has been spent.

Benefits for you

  • Over 30,000 Argos catalogue products to select from
  • Unique serial numbers for “single use” security
  • No expensive delivery charges
  • Codes can be posted out, or sent via email or text
  • Individual and bulk order options
  • Minimises fraud – the Codes cannot be exchanged for cash or other products
  • Management information to provide full audit trail
  • Secure delivery and redemption tracking

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