What can Argos for Business offer your organisation?

You already know Argos as a multi-channel consumer retailer – but we also make it fast and easy for your business to get hold of a wide range of products at great value prices. And with Argos for Business, you can do much more than that.

Whether yours is a small business or a large corporate, a public sector organisation or a charity, you can benefit from an extra level of services specially designed to save you time and make or save you money.

We offer business accounts that make it easy to pay for your organisation’s online or in-store purchases from Argos. Plus a range of ways to offer rewards, incentives and promotions to your staff or customers with gifting solutions and the full Argos product range.

Here’s how we can help you

Business Account

Buy for your Business from Argos with the Argos Business Account. Receive 2% off your spend plus weekly invoicing to help manage your budgets.

Business Gifting

Motivating and rewarding can be tricky in business, however when you work with us, our gifting solutions give you and your recipient the choice of thousands of products, so they’re guaranteed to find something they’ll love.

Buying for Business

You can buy products from the Argos product range for your business or organisation. Easy payment methods and our procurement experts can help source large quantities and arrange the logistics for dispatch.

Rewards and Recognition

There’s no more valuable resource for any organisation than a highly motivated work force, however creating a rewards and recognition scheme that works for everyone can be difficult. Your colleagues will all have different priorities and be motivated by different things.

Procurement Services

Buying for business used to be all about negotiating prices. But these days, there’s much more to it than that. Many organisations don’t necessarily need to buy individual items in quantity. Instead, they need access to a wide range of products, purchased by a number of different people throughout the organisation, at various times.

Customer Acquisition

From a one person operation to a multi-site corporation, these days every business has to work hard to attract new customers. Sometimes, you need a short term boost to improve revenues. At other times, you need a longer term strategy to develop consistent business.

Customer Retention

They’ve bought once. Surely, they’ll come back again next time? Sadly not. Make that first sale, and all you create is a one-off buyer – not a guaranteed customer for life To capitalise quickly on the nice warm feeling they got from dealing with you, now’s the time to call in Argos for Business.

Customer Loyalty

Your organisation wants a loyalty scheme? You need it right away?  No problem: Call Argos for Business. With 30 years’ experience in business motivation, we know what organisations are looking for when it comes to rewarding their customers. More importantly, we know what works.

Reward Schemes

For a reward scheme to work for everyone involved, it has to do two things. It has to be simple to administer and it has to offer rewards that recipients genuinely want. Ask Argos for Business to help you create your reward scheme, and you can rest assured on both counts.

Employee Motivation & Rewards

There’s no more valuable resource for any organisation than a highly motivated workforce. The secret? Reinforce the positive behaviour that you want to establish across the workforce.

Large Quantities & Bulk Buy

Do you have requirements to buy large quantities of items for your business from Argos? Whether you want to refurb the bedrooms in your Holiday Park, want to bring the office up to date, or are looking for prizes for a promotion, get in touch with our specialist team and we might be able to help.

Everyday Purchases

Need something fast at a keen price? Looking to pick up a range of items at the same time? For many business buyers, the simple answer is to get it from Argos. But now you can make it even simpler. Open a Business Account with Argos

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