Easy ways to incentivise employees and customers

For a reward scheme to work for everyone involved, it has to do two things. It has to be simple to administer and it has to offer rewards that recipients genuinely want.

Ask Argos for Business to help you create your reward scheme, and you can rest assured on both counts. Our specialist team has a wealth of experience to help make the process hassle-free from set-up to delivery.

We’ll work with you to decide how best to operate the scheme, whether with gift cards, vouchers or merchandise, for example. We have a range of flexible solutions to choose from, all giving you complete control. 

Reward schemes that get results

Here’s just a few examples:

Customer reward schemes

  • Loyalty programmes
  • Repeat purchase incentives
  • Thank you gifts
  • Prize promotions
  • One-off incentives
  • On-pack promotions
  • Trade promotions

Employee reward schemes

  • Staff incentives
  • Long service awards
  • Rewards for productivity
  • Christmas bonuses
  • Sales force incentives
  • Online reward schemes


Ways to reward staff and customers

Give Argos NEW eGift Cards
Reward your staff digitally and instantly with eGift Cards. Send them directly via email and once your recipient has it in their inbox, they’re ready to spend.

Offer Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers
The quick, proven reward mechanic – recipients can pick their own gift.

Use Argos Merchandise
Top brands and must have items – over 50,000 tangible products you can use as the end reward to your customers.

Give Reward Cards
Load and reload with ongoing monetary rewards. Perfect for a medium to long term loyalty scheme.

Whoever your reward scheme is aimed at, we can guarantee there’ll be no complaints when it comes to the rewards on offer. Top brands, amazing choice, convenient store locations – who could ask for more?


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