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Buying for business used to be all about negotiating prices. But these days, there’s much more to it than that.

Many organisations don’t necessarily need to buy individual items in quantity. Instead, they need access to a wide range of products, purchased by a number of different people throughout the organisation, at various times. The sort of things that are really convenient to pick up from Argos – but which (if you buy enough) could generate a paperwork nightmare of receipts, invoices, reimbursements through petty cash and all the other hassles that goes with tracking and monitoring spend.

Argos for Business can streamline all that for your organisation. You need buying simplifying, so we’ve developed a range of procurement services and solutions to help. For example:

  • The Argos Business Account, which lets you issue a free purchasing card to as many people within your organisation as you wish. Whatever they buy from Argos, however they buy it, comes through on weekly, consolidated invoicing with line item detail for easier VAT reconciliation. Plus, you get a 2% discount on everything you spend, and up to 37 days to pay. Apply now.
  • Bespoke bulk pricing. Looking for individual items, in quantity? Our team can put together package prices on the products you need to buy in bulk, along with payment options to suit your procurement processes. Contact us.

We can also help with:

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