Rewards for employee motivation

There’s no more valuable resource for any organisation than a highly motivated workforce. The secret? Reinforce the positive behaviour that you want to establish across the workforce.

It’s a fact that some individuals are naturally more motivated than others. But by appealing to everyone’s self-interest you can encourage all the members of your team to reach the same potential.

The first step is to set clear objectives, whether you’re trying to change attitudes to health and safety, increase productivity, or boost sales. At Argos for Business, we’ll work with you to help achieve those objectives and give your employees an incentive to meet your targets. Together, we can put in place the right staff motivation solution, depending on your specific goals. 

Our employee motivation solutions

Offer Gift Cards as a cash alternative – say a one off thank you with a gift they get to choose.

Give Reward Cards – if yours is a longer term scheme, you can load and reload their card with ongoing monetary rewards as they hit targets.

Use Argos Merchandise – for prizes, awards and incentives, there’s over 50,000 top brands and must have items to choose from.

Experience counts

Over the past 30 years working with companies large and small, we’ve developed a range of ways you can inspire, energise and motivate your employees. What could be more appealing as a thank you gift than the vast choice of top brand items available through Argos?

Tap into our Employee Motivation & Rewards experience, for all you need to:

  • Motivate your workforce
  • Instil culture change
  • Empower staff
  • Inspire action
  • Enhance team performance
  • Reward changed behaviour
  • Recognise individual or team success
  • Incentivise sales performance


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