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The Business Account is designed to meet the needs of customers who want to purchase goods for their business and take advantage of the choice, convenience and value that Argos provide.

The account is suitable for businesses and organisations, both large or small and is particularly beneficial to those businesses who have several employees needing to make purchases as each can be given a card.

There are no charges or fees for using the card.  In addition you'll receive weekly invoices via email, itemising all spend and making it easier for you to reclaim your VAT. This can be single invoices per PO or consolidated - just let us know when you apply.

Any company, organisation or sole trader that wishes to make regular business purchases from Argos. You'll just need to be able to obtain a minimum of £1,000 credit on your account to apply.

You can apply online by completing our Business Application Form, or by downloading a printable form. Please visit our Business Account page for more details and to apply.

No, it is a completely free service for our business customers to use.

No - you can spend as much or as little as you like within your agreed credit limit. But you'll need to obtain a minimum of £1,000 credit on your account.

There is no contractual tie in with an Argos Business Account, but you will need to enter into an agreement to the Terms and Conditions that relate to the account. The agreement can be terminated at any time with 14 days notice upon which any outstanding balance will be due.

We use an approved credit agency to undertake all credit checks. If you are a limited company the credit check is based on accounts information filed at Companies House. For non-limited companies or sole traders the credit check is based on your trading history. You'll also need to be able to obtain a minimum of £1,000 credit on your account.

Your credit limit will be notified to you in the welcome email you receive. The amount of credit available will be based on your estimated spend and the results of the credit check which is performed when you apply for a Business Account. Remember you'll need to be able to obtain a minimum of £1,000 credit on your account.

You’ll get a discount on all of your purchases at Argos. This is in addition to any promotions offers or discounts that those retailers are already offering. The discount is applied on the invoice so any receipts will show the full price of the item. Please refer to your Commercial Terms document, or contact for further information.

We usually recommend a maximum of 5 cards per account, but if you give us a ring on 0345 605 4380 or send your request in via we can discuss this further with you and ensure we offer the best account set-up for your business.

After you receive your email to confirm that your account has been approved, we will send out your cards. These can take up to 10 working days to arrive.

As soon as you receive your card you can use it online at  

The first time you use your account online you will need to register for an account - you will only need to do this once as details will be held securely online.  

This is standard practice for all Argos customers and makes checkout quicker for future purchases.

To register your card online please ensure you pick the Business Account option when selecting the payment method to ensure you get your discount.

This is a reference for you to be able to match your purchase with the invoice you will receive - if you do not have a PO number you can just use your name or the date.

If you are new to shopping at Argos don’t worry – our stores are a little different from other retailers. Use the catalogues or one of the tablets on the display tables to make your product selection if you have not already done so. Make a note of the 7 digit catalogue number of the item(s) you wish to purchase and go to a till point with a cashier where you will be able to pay with your Business Account card. The cashier will then give you a receipt and advise you where you need to go to collect your items.

There are two ways you can get hold of your Argos items today. You can either reserve your items online and collect in-store, or your items may be eligible for same day delivery.

With our Fast Track service you can collect in store for free in as little as 60 seconds. Look out for the Fast Track badge on selected items.

Click here for store locations.

Unfortunately not at the moment, but we are working on this.

You can report a lost/stolen or damaged card online.

Alternatively, call us on 0345 605 4380 and we will be able to sort this out for you.

Yes the expiry date is shown on the bottom of each card − it is usually 4 years from the date of issue.

Once a successful application has been made, the Account Holder will receive an email detailing the credit limit on the account (irrespective of the number of cards issued).

If your credit limit is reached or exceeded, your account will be put on hold until a payment is made.

If there are any overdue invoices on the account, these will need to be settled before any further purchases can be made. For more information, please contact the Credit Control Admin team via email or by calling 0345 604 6401.

If you would like to request a change to your credit limit, apply here.

All invoices are sent weekly via email. You have the choice of a single invoice for each purchase, or a consolidated one for all purchases made that week. Just let us know when you apply.

To update your current invoicing settings, please send us an email to

Your invoice will detail all purchases made with your Business Account card(s). It will itemise all purchases, showing the date of purchase, the item(s) purchased, the store location, the purchase order number / reference you provided, as well as the net, gross and VAT amounts.

Yes − you can make an interim payment by calling the Credit Control Team on 0345 604 6401. Cleared payment will be required if you wish to continue to purchase beyond your credit limit.

No − all card transactions details for an account will appear on a single invoice, meaning there is less paperwork for you.

Invoices can be paid via Direct Debit, BACS or Cheque.

If you need a Direct Debit mandate, you can download it from our website here. If you prefer to receive it via email, or need a copy of our bank details, just ask us via or give us a ring on 0345 605 4380.

Yes − the line item detail on them means you can use them to reclaim the VAT, where you are eligible to do so.

If you have a general query relating to your account call our team on 0345 640 0864 (option # 3). Lines are open Monday − Friday 8am − 8pm and Saturday – Sunday 9am – 5pm.

No, you can choose to spend as much or as little as you like within your credit limit. However you'll need to be able to obtain a minimum of £1,000 credit on your account.

If your card is declined online or in-store you will be notified of this and asked if you wish to pay via an alternative method. If you have any queries please call our Credit Control Team on 0345 640 6401 or via email on

Yes, you can use your card in any Argos store to purchase up to £500 worth of gift vouchers.

If you require more, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0345 640 0864 or

Registering your card with will make your online purchases even quicker and easier. As well as storing contact details and delivery details in your account, you can save your card, which means your shopping is only a few clicks away. You will only need to do this once as your card details are held securely. Please make a note of your user name and password though as you'll need them when you make future purchases.

You can download one from our website by following this link.

Single invoicing means you get an invoice for each purchase made. With consolidated invoicing we group all purchases within that week and put them on one invoice for you. There are tick boxes on the application form to let us know which you would prefer. All invoices are sent out electronically on a weekly basis.

Fast Track is a new service offered by all customers that need items in a hurry. They can be reversed for collection at your local Argos store and can be collected in as little as 60 seconds. Look out for the FastTrack logo on relevant products. For more information click here.

Yes - this is a great service to all customers, especially business customers where we know you often need things in a hurry.  It's not available on all products so just look out for the Fast Track logo when ordering to check that the item you want is available.  Products can be collected from your local Argos store in as a little as 60 seconds.

You can download our User Guide which has our bank details attached.

If you are using the Argos website for the first time with your Business Account card you'll need to register it first by following the steps on screen.  You will then be able to pay with your Business Account card.  You'll only need to do this once and it will make checking out quicker the next time you visit.

It can take up to 10 working days for your card(s) to arrive. If you still haven't received your card(s) after this time, please call the Implementation Team on 0345 605 4380, they are here Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Send an email to stating your full company name and address. We can then either confirm whether you have one or not and if you do we will then contact you in regards to updating your details and re-issuing new cards. If you haven't we can talk you through the process of how to apply for a new account, so don't worry.

You can contact our Credit Control Admin team on 0345 640 6401 or via email on They will be able to view your outstanding invoices and help you with any queries you might have regarding these.

If you have made a change to your company name, let us know by contacting our Implementation Team via email We will need confirmation of your old company name, your new company name, new address (if applicable) as well as a proof of Company Name Change. We will need to keep this on file for auditing purposes. All commercial and legal terms continue as per agreements made under the previous name.

If you changed your Company Registration number as well as your Company Name, we will need to open a new account for you. You can apply online for a new account here.

We'll need to check a few things first, but if you request a change to your credit limit online we can look into it for you.

Of course. You can use our online form to make a request.

Or simply send an email to, specifying contact details for the new card holder. This should include the name, phone number, email address and postal address. You can also request what credit limit you would like on the card, as long as this doesn’t exceed your overall credit limit.

You can report a lost/stolen or damaged card online.

Alternatively, please call our Implementation Team on 0345 605 4380, they are available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

You'll need to let us know which card has been lost / stolen and where the replacement card needs to be sent to (if it's different from the main address on the account).

You can also email with the information.

Yes, you can - just request the changes online.

Alternatively, email and let us know who needs removing and who they need replacing with, only 2 email addresses can be designated for PDF invoicing.

Visit and select your items. 

You will need to sign up for an Argos account so you can purchase online (this is separate to your Argos for Business account).

Once you have signed up or logged in, follow the links through to checkout. Under Payment Method you will see an option for "Business Account" which you need to select. You will also be asked for your purchase order number then on the next page your card details. You can then confirm your purchase.

We ask for a Purchase Order reference to help track your orders as this will appear on your invoices. If you don't have a reference number you can quote your name / department etc - anything that will help you to identify the order.

Argos for Business provides line item details, including VAT details on your invoicing, which means it makes it much easier for your business to reclaim any VAT due. Invoices are not considered formal VAT invoices.

Yes, you can have 2 email addresses for your invoices and an additional 2 for your statements.

Just request the changes online

Alternatively, you can email with the details and we'll set it all up for you.

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble placing an order online.

Please check you're entering your Business Account card details correctly and that the card hasn't expired.

If you think that you may have exceeded your credit limit or the account may be on hold due to non-payment of invoices, please contact Credit Control on 0345 604 6401 and have the account / card number to hand.

Payment terms vary slightly from client to client so please refer to your Commercial Terms Document or contact the Implementation Team via for clarification. Payment terms start from the date that an invoice is due to you, rather than the date of purchase.

No, any discount is only applicable when you use your Argos Business Card.

Any 'online exclusive' products can only be ordered online.

The price you will be charged will be the price of the product on the day that your order is placed.

If you placed your order online, in-store or over the phone, this should be the price displayed at that time. If the price on your invoice is different than the price displayed when you placed your order, please contact our Customer Support team on 0345 640 0864 (option 3) or via email on

For any quantity of ten or more of a single item you need to contact 0345 640 0864.  We can check stock and then place the order for you.  We may also be able to adjust any delivery charges.

You will be able to benefit from any promotions, offers or discounts from Argos.

No, vouchers cannot be used in this way.

Your receipt or despatch reference will give the details of who to contact for your specific order.

On your package is a label which describes the items in your pack - this is your delivery note.

This could be because items are despatched from different warehouses, suppliers or due to stock availability. Please contact the number on your despatch reference to find out more.

No, if the item is being used in a non-domestic setting this is not applicable.

Not at the moment - the warranties offered with products are for domestic use only.

You need to ensure you have unplugged, disconnected, de-frosted, emptied and secured any 'white goods' prior to collection.

Unfortunately we are not able to do this, you will need to contact the provider who ordered for you to discuss your options.

We will try to accommodate your request where possible but can't guarantee delivery between 9am-5pm on all products.

It's not always possible for us to contact you before delivery on all items. However, we will aim to do so where we can.

Send us your details, and all relevant changes, to and we will ensure we update our records. Once this has been done, we will confirm this back to you.

Initially, you should speak to your Finance team who will liaise with us directly. If you don't have a Finance team, contact our Credit Control Admin team on on 0345 640 6401 or via email on

There are various timescales dependent upon the item, if you call 0345 640 2020 they will be able to advise you.

There are various timescales dependent upon the item, if you ring 0345 640 2020 they will be able to advise you.

Please send an email to giving a timeframe for when the relevant orders were placed and we can resend copies to you.

Your receipt or despatch reference will give details of who to contact.  They will check the status of your order and if it has been delivered confirm the details for you.

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