Using Argos Gift Cards as a reward for loyal customers

Texaco is a brand who look after their customers. They have been providing high quality fuels to their customers for more than 100 years, and have around 800 Texaco branded service stations in the UK, supplying the quality fuels designed for the needs of the modern motorist.

One key way that Texaco put their customers at the heart of their strategy is with their Texaco Star Rewards loyalty programme. Customers can collect 1 Point (worth 1p) for every litre of fuel purchased, and these points can be redeemed against a range of vouchers when 500 Points have been earned. Argos Gift Cards are one of the redemption options.

“For our Star Rewards programme we need to work with suppliers who appeal to the broad demographic of Texaco customers. This is why we work with Argos for Business. They are a great fit, as Argos is a brand that all of our customers know and are comfortable with”.

The extensive product range available at Argos makes our Star Rewards programme a more appealing proposition to our customers, and makes Argos for Business a perfect partner. This is supported by the fact that the Argos Gift Card is one of the top three redemption options that we offer.

The Gift Card Solution

Texaco needed a solution which gave their customers access to a wide range of products. Having a diverse customer base, the ability to give choice in a reward is something that was very important to them.

“The Argos gift card is a great addition to the Star Rewards programme as it gives our customers the ability to choose their own product. They can even get their product the same day they receive the card from their local Argos store which makes it a great customer journey for rewards. This all helps to make sure that we have an incentive that people actually want to use”.

Working with Argos for Business not only gives Texaco customers a range of products to redeem their reward against, but also a range of ways to redeem. Something which is important when you have a broad customer base.

“We use the Argos gift card because it works perfectly for our diverse customer base. It lets our customers redeem their reward both in-store and online, so they can use it in a way that works for them. This is important to us because we have to cater for the diverse range in demographics of customers.”

Working with Argos for Business lets Texaco show all of their customers that they are valued. A priority which goes right back to the origins of the brand.

Stuart McBride, Manager Brand Marketing