Providing a quick and easy digital solution for rewards and recognition

A global organisation, SVM are world leaders in reselling and distributing corporate gift cards, digital e-codes and gift vouchers into the B2B and corporate gifting market. And with 15 years’ experience, SVM have a proven track record in delighting customers with products that meet their varied needs.

SVM partner with internationally recognised brands, and extend the reach of their gift cards, vouchers and digital e-codes to new audiences. SVM have been working with Argos for Business for a number of years, offering their Gift Cards, and were excited to be part of the launch of their new eGift Card product.

Offering a brand who customers know and love

One of the challenges of offering a wide variety of options for customers, is being able to select partners who really excite and resonate with our customers’ needs.

“Argos enhances our offering as they are a well-known, trusted brand. They stock thousands of products across many different categories, and at different price points, which makes them an appealing option to most of our customers, whatever their personal needs or wants. Being able to spend a Gift Card on leading brands, the latest must-have items or more practical, functional products really is what we look to offer our customers, and the Argos Gift Card provides the solution.”

A fast solution to meet the needs of our customers

SVM has seen a growing demand for speed from our clients, both in terms of issuance and redemption, and we are increasingly looking to offer more digital e-codes to our customers to meet demand. The benefit of a digital offering is that it can be issued and redeemed on the same day, something which is not possible with a physical gift card.

The new Argos eGift Card fits perfectly with customer demand, and meets the digital direction gifting has moved in. It is sent to the recipient by email, and can be redeemed immediately at Argos, both online and in-store, on their full product range, offering instant gifting to our customers.

“The new Argos eGift Card works brilliantly for our customers, and has been really well received. Because the eGift Cards are ready to use when we send them out to our customers, we can guarantee a quick redemption process. We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers a product that is so easy to use. The fact that it can be spent both online and in-store means that however our customers like to shop, they can.

Our clients don’t need to worry about the codes they send going viral, as each Argos eGift Card is unique, offering peace of mind and ensuring they keep control of their budget. There are no hidden costs.”

SVM have seen the new Argos eGift Card in demand within the rewards and recognition market.

“We have been thrilled with the performance of the Argos eGift Card, especially with our customers looking for new ways to reward and recognise their teams. Our customers really like the fact that they can issue a reward that is ready to be used straight away. And the fact the eGift Cards can be spent in-store and online means that they can give a reward that their customer can use the way they prefer to shop.”

SVM have also seen the benefits Argos eGift Card, when used to help increase customer acquisition.

“The Argos eGift Cards have been popular with our customers looking to enhance their customer acquisition options. The fact that the eGift Card can be redeemed on any of over 50,000 products in the Argos range makes it appealing to a wide audience. Being able to offer one gift which really resonates with many different demographics, all with different needs and desires, is an essential ingredient in the success of attracting new customers or stimulating trial purchases.”

Neil Pagnam – Director of Sales and Account Management – SVM Global