Sourcing large quantities with Argos Business Centres

The Department of Technology and Design provides a high-quality and unique learning experience for our students. Our central aim is to stimulate our students’ curiosity and provide them with the essential skills and knowledge so that they may engage, by means of effective and innovative pedagogy, young people in a technological education that is relevant to the world in which they live.

We have over many years established strong links with industry in order to ensure that our students develop an in-depth understanding of the work that product designers, technologists and engineers carry out within local industries. We both encourage and enable our students to be resourceful, innovative and enterprising by their engagement in the solving of authentic, real-life design problems. This, in turn, enables our students to be suitably prepared, in their role as future teachers of T&D, to enable young people to acquire those essential skills which are necessary for their ongoing development as individuals, and as contributors to society, the economy and the environment. This is linked to providing the opportunities for young people to unlock their ability to be the designers and innovators of tomorrow.

The department called on our local Argos Business Centre when we were trying to source a large quantity of drones for our students to ensure continuation of a project they were working on.

“The team at Argos were extremely helpful in not only trying to source the products we needed, but in listening to our needs to establish the best way to solve our problem. They managed to source the drones, arranged for delivery to multiple locations and were tenacious in the way they went about serving us. They literally pulled out all the stops to ensure our students were not let down. A great example of fantastic customer service!”

Our dedicated contact at the Argos Business Centre was essential in us achieving delivery of the products. She kept us informed at all times, and these communications were a big help as the order progressed through to completion.

“I wish to again record my thanks for your ‘beyond the call of duty’ efforts, which ensured we received our Drones. Upwards of 250 young pupils will enjoy the educational benefits of the drones as a result”.

Dr Kieran McGeown, Course Team Leader, Technology and Design, St Mary’s University College, Belfast