Using Argos eGift Cards to reward and inspire

Red Letter Days is a company whose name is synonymous with providing unforgettable gift experiences to our customers. Since our launch in 1989 we have built on our expertise, and developed a range of solutions to help organisations reward, incentivise and recognise employees and customers.

Lifestyle Vouchers are one of the key products Red Letter Days Motivates have developed to help our customers deliver great reward and incentive schemes that truly resonate with their colleagues and customers. Red Letter Days Motivates Lifestyle Vouchers can be spent on physical and electronic Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers from over 100 of the UK’s top retailers, cinemas, holidays and more than 16,000 dining and pub venues. This helps to make sure that every customer using us for rewards and incentives will find something that works for them.

Working with a brand who give customers real choice

Reward & incentive schemes are built on the solutions they can offer. The strength of our Red Letter Days Motivates Lifestyle Vouchers is that we give real choice to our customers, and Argos for Business is the perfect partner to tie into this. Argos eGift Cards fits so well with the purpose of Lifestyle vouchers as they give access to such a wide range of products.

“Argos are the perfect fit with our Lifestyle Vouchers, and complement the range we offer. We try to make sure that the companies we partner with give our customers a genuine choice when it comes to spending the value of their Lifestyle Voucher, and they give our customers access to thousands of top brand products. We really value the choice that Argos is able to offer.”

Keeping it simple

The key to running a successful rewards or incentive scheme is to offer rewards that people want, and make it easy for them to get them. This is a key element behind the success of Lifestyle Vouchers. Therefore it was important that Argos for Business was able to offer a solution which makes it easy to distribute, and just as importantly, easy to spend. The new eGift Card is the perfect solution to help simplify the customer journey, and make it easy to select the products our customers want.

“The new Argos eGift Card works brilliantly for us and our users. Being digital and instant, the redemption process is just so quick and simple. It’s also a multi-channel product so users have the choice of spending online or in-store. Such instantaneousness and flexibility is the ultimate solution for Lifestyle and our users. It also gives the Argos brand the broadest possible appeal whilst also keeping it ahead of many other retailers.”

“Argos has always been a brand which is well aligned to our Lifestyle Voucher. And with the introduction of their new eGift Card they now have a product which gives us the speed and ease of use that we needed. Since introducing the new Argos eGift Card to our range of redemption options, we have been really impressed with performance.”

Antheaus Parcero – Head of Lifestyle, Red Letter Days Motivates.