Sourcing products with the help of Argos Business Centres

One of the 4 Registered Charities in the Norwich Charitable Trusts group of Charities, Norwich Consolidated Charities is actually one single charity. The Charity makes grants to individuals and to other charities for exceptional items or payments, where this will provide significant relief to the applicant or dependents.

We make grants to individuals who are eligible, and to other organisations with a charitable purpose, whose beneficiaries are eligible. We provide supported housing for older people, with a 24-hour registered domiciliary support and care service for its residents. Our work involves supported housing for people with a mental health problem (run by Julian Support) and a day centre for people suffering from dementia (run by Age UK Norwich).

Norwich Consolidated Charities focusses on making grants for a range of basic household items, and use the Argos Business Centre in Norwich to help source many of the goods.

“We have worked with Argos over the past 2 years to help us issue grants to those who need them. We issue grants for large items such as beds and sofa’s, to smaller items such as kitchen essentials. The benefit of using Argos is that they have such a broad range of products we can source many items from one supplier”.

Service matters when people are in need

The grants we issue are for residents of Norwich who are in some form of financial need, hardship or distress, and often coupled with being sick or infirm, so the service we offer them is of vital importance.

“The Argos staff at our local store understand the work we do, and add real value to the service we provide. They work with us to get the items to the accommodation as soon as possible. They take the hard work out of sourcing items, they offer advice on availability and alternative items to choose from, ensuring we meet specific deadlines for each resident we help”.

“For smaller items, we often pop into the Argos store to collect the goods as it’s conveniently located to us. It’s also a good opportunity to see the team who look after us and have a catch up, they are really friendly and often go the extra mile for us to ensure the work we do really has a real impact on the local community”.

Norma Dupres (Grants officer)
Norwich Consolidated Charities
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