Using Argos merchandise to provide perfect prizes

Element has over 30 years’ experience as a prize and incentive agency, delivering a range of incentive travel services, prizes and rewards to customers across the country and worldwide.

By sourcing effective solutions and providing expert winner management, the team at Element know how to make the lives of their clients easier. They know what prizes and products will resonate with their clients’ target audiences. Using Argos’s fast and efficient distribution network, supported by the team at the Business Centre, they are able to guarantee a rapid and effective service for their clients and competition winners.

Varying incentives for different customers

Because Element work with a wide range of clients across the country, they require suppliers who can offer a huge range of different products from a variety of sectors, often in large quantities and at short notice. Using the Business Centre, they are able to offer such flexibility and bulk purchase options to their clients.

Argos for Business support Element by working together to provide products and merchandise for use as prizes and rewards. The vast range of product options available through Argos means that they really enhance Element’s customer offering.

“Argos for Business is a perfect partner for Element, Argos has thousands of top brand products, and they make it easy for us to pass on the choice to our customers.”

Making life easy for us, and our customers

The key to running a successful prize giveaway is speed. Element need to make sure that their clients’ prize winners receive their prizes quickly. With the support of Argos Business Centre in placing orders for Argos products and merchandise, we can guarantee this is always the case.

The extra support provided by the specially trained team within the Northern Ireland Business Centre helps to guarantee that all prizes get to where they need to be when they need to be there, wherever that is across the UK.

“We work with the Northern Ireland Business Centre to place our orders for Argos merchandise. The team in the Business Centre really understand our needs as a fast-paced agency and work with us to guarantee we keep our customers happy. We often run schemes that need multiple prizes to be sent to locations across the UK, and we know that with the Business Centre, this will not be a problem.”

The support Argos for Business provide to Element is invaluable, and helps to keep clients and prize winners happy.

“The customer service we receive from the team in the Business Centre is great, and makes a big difference to us when choosing a supplier. No job is ever too big, and Bo and the team really go above and beyond to help us maintain our high levels of service.”

Samantha Langley – Winner Manager
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