Rewarding customers with Argos Collection Codes

Owning a cat or dog can be costly, especially if they get ill or injured. Around one in three pet insurance customers need to make a claim on their policy each year for unexpected vets’ bills. This means that you’re more likely to make a claim on pet insurance than you are to make a claim on your house or car insurance.

Having pet insurance makes sure that, if anything happens, you could get help with the vet’s bill. It also covers things like lost pet advertising, cattery and kennel bills if you need to go into hospital, theft or straying, holiday cancellation and pet travel abroad.

Standing out from the crowd

Like all insurance markets, pet insurance is highly competitive. To help stand out from the crowd, acquisition incentives are frequently employed to achieve cut through and help attract new customers. Argos pet insurance, underwritten by RSA, regularly employs customer incentives to help secure new customers. Selecting Argos for Business, our sister b2b operation has meant we can use their Argos Collection Codes as part of our acquisition campaigns.

“Argos Pet insurance use Collection Codes as a way to reward customers for joining us. From my perspective, I find this a straightforward process as the data is selected for those who qualify, this is sent to Argos for Business and they, in turn, send an email with a collection code with the offer value”.

“One of the main benefits of using Argos Collection Codes is that they are single use – preventing them from going viral. Knowing a campaign cannot run over budget offers us peace of mind when we are planning our activity”.

Rewarding new customers. Fast.

Collection codes can be issued digitally via sms or email, meaning our customer gets their reward quickly and can spend it the same day.

“Offering our customers instant gratification is an important part of the incentive, and being able to send a code by email means that they can go into any Argos store the same day and spent their reward. Obviously having over 50,000 products in the Argos range helps ensure there is something for everyone”.

“We also get great management information reporting when we use Argos Collection Codes. Knowing when the codes have been spent, in which store and on which items gives us fantastic insight into our customers likes. We can then use this analysis to help better understand our customers and what they want from an incentive, helping us to shape future marketing campaigns”.

Tina Barrie, direct insurance – multi channel manager