Argos for Business provides tailored approach for North Devon Council

When looking for a way to streamline their procurement processes, Devon County Council’s Environmental Health Department identified an opportunity to save time and resources by switching their ordering processes through to Argos for Business.

Eliminating lengthy ordering and processing times, the newly implemented process has allowed the department to save valuable time and manpower, stream lining their efforts.

Discussing the implementation of the new system, Richard Fowler, Environmental Health Administration Officer, commented: “The new system implemented by Argos for Business is much simpler and tailored to the departments needs. A predetermined form means orders can be filled out and processed within a fraction of the time, and a dedicated point of contact has also meant that orders can be turned around within given deadlines with ease.

“A monthly statement is produced for the account, whilst a dedicated corporate card is automatically charged, also saving time through lengthy payment processes or invoicing. In addition, the new processes make it easy for the team to order large volumes of the same item, allowing restocking of sites to be done quicker and more efficiently.”

To streamline it’s processing times further, the new process in place also means that replacement items can be sourced quickly, ensuring the department is never waiting for stock to arrive at any given point.

Danny Clenaghan, Managing Director of Argos for Business, adds: “The work undertaken with North Devon Council’s Environmental Health department is a clear example of how a tried and tested business solution can save businesses time and money. The new processes in place allow for a single point of contact that is able to manage the complex ordering processes with ease, completely removing the clients need for involvement and allowing them to go about their day-to-day job without the hassle of added paperwork or chasing.”