Why you should open a Business Account at Argos

Need something fast at a keen price? Looking to pick up a range of items at the same time? For many business buyers, the simple answer is to get it from Argos.

But now you can make it even simpler. Open a Business Account with Argos.

With a Business Account, keeping track of all those separate orders and receipts is a breeze. Just put all your purchases on the Account Card; we'll send you a weekly consolidated invoice with line item detail. So you can say goodbye to the hard work of day-to-day buying for business - and hello to a tasty discount off everything you buy at Argos.

Easy & simple

  • Get multiple free Account Cards - issue them to as many people within your organisation as you wish
  • Your staff still order the most convenient way for them – online at argos.co.uk, or in their local store
  • Everything comes through weekly, on one itemised invoice - with line item detail for easier VAT reconciliation
  • There's a guaranteed discount - right from your first purchase. No minimum spend, no annual fee or threshold. You'll just need to be able to obtain a minimum of £1,000 credit to apply.
  • You get up to 37 days to pay - with payment by BACS, Direct Debit or cheque

Apply now to set up a Business Account

You can apply for your Business Account online. Let us know who you are before we take you to the application form.

Need more info? Read our FAQs

Or view the Business Account Ts & Cs

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