Because your time equals money

If yours is one of the estimated 4.9 million small and medium sized enterprises in the UK, it’s a safe bet that – like many others – you’ll save time and money buying items for your business from Argos.

When you’re trying to run a business, buying things for work is often only a very small part of your day job. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t even fit into your day job at all! That’s one reason why Argos is so popular. We’re often more convenient than traditional “trade” suppliers.

Here’s why:

  • There’s no minimum order value or quantity. You want one of something? Just order it!
  • We know you can’t always work within “normal” office hours. So the Argos website is open 24/7. You can place orders from home or work, in the middle of the night or at Sunday lunchtime.
  • When you need it right now, we’re ready to serve you 7 days a week. Pick up your goods whenever it suits – many Argos stores are open up until 8pm at night

Big advantages, whatever your business size

Whether it’s furniture and accessories to set up your first office, a printer and a laptop, or gifts for staff and customers, Argos for Business can make getting what you want even easier.

To simplify billing, you can apply for an Argos Business Account, which gives you a regular invoice. Forget reconciling mountains of petty cash receipts. If you have multiple staff or several locations, you can issue cards to several different people, and everything they buy comes through on the one account.

Plus, as an added bonus you get a discount of 2% off everything you spend on the account.

If your small business is thinking big, we can help there too. Is there a specific item you need in quantity? Call our bulk buy team with your requirements.

And of course, if you need gifts for staff, prizes for a customer promotion or ideas to generate sales – just ask.

Call 0345 421 7000 to place an order
Or apply online for your Argos Business Account

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