Let your budget achieve its potential

From play sand to chairs… whether yours is a primary school or a university, a playgroup or an after school club, Argos is a great place to get the things you need. Especially if you need them in a hurry.

Just click and reserve online, then pick up at your local store on the way home after classes. The good news is many Argos stores are open until 8pm.

Handling the procurement side of things is easy too. Many education establishments now have control of their own budgets. So we offer an account that allows for individual purchasing but one consolidated invoice – if you’d rather have a single weekly invoice that’s fine – just let us know when you apply. Plus it keeps your finance team happy, because you get a discount of up to 4% on anything bought on the account.

Staff can order what they need from Argos, pick it up from store – or arrange delivery to the admin office. All without creating a trail of unnecessary extra paperwork every time.

Other ways we can help

We can do more than just supply a replacement kettle for the staff room, or equip a playroom. For example, if you’re trying to incentivise attendance or reward good behaviour, why not use Argos gift cards or Argos collection codes as an easy convenient way to provide a prize or gift?

Perhaps it’s time to learn more about what we can do for you?

Call 0345 421 7000, contact us or open an account

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