Less admin, better value

Councils and Local Authorities up and down the land are facing up to the reality of doing more for less. That means every public sector department being tasked with making its budgets go further while trying to simplify the admin load on overstretched staff.

As you might expect, many local and district councils have already turned to Argos to help save money on a wide range of items to equip their premises. But you might not know we can also make it much easier and more cost-effective to distribute products or grants to individuals in need.

Stored value cards, Argos collection codes and other vouchers are used extensively by adult services, children’s services and others involved in managing welfare-related funds. There’s no need to stock, store or deliver physical products – the recipient arranges pickup or delivery for themselves. Plus, any opportunity for misuse or fraud is minimised. Instead of the inherent risks of giving out cash grants, vouchers can be product or range restricted. Ensuring they’re used only for the decorating materials, furniture, or specific white goods (such as a cooker or washing machine) you intended.

Making procurement simpler too

Many Local Authority departments have access to a Government Procurement Card (GPC) to help purchase goods and streamline your work. The good news is, you can use your card in-store or online at argos.co.uk.

Want to buy better?

If your department has its own budget responsibility, saving money on all your purchases really makes a difference. With an Argos Business Account you have the choice of a single or consolidated weekly invoice. Authorised staff can buy what they need from Argos, without creating a trail of unnecessary extra paperwork to reconcile. And right from day one, you get a discount of up to 4% too.

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