Direct Product Integration

Embed the Argos product range into your organisation, with our integrated product feed. A real-time digital gateway, letting you surface products and take orders in your own environment, for fulfilment by Argos. Providing an end-to-end purchasing journey for you or your customers.

Want to offer Argos products on your website? If you have a dev team, they can surface the full range (or sections of it) to your customers. And with live product availability and pricing, it’s perfect for helping boost your sales.

Need to order lots of products, regularly?

Argos Direct Product Integration is perfect for

  • Running a rewards platform for your customers or employees
  • Accessing a wide range of products across different price points ie for an insurance replacement service
  • Business procurement across multiple sites
  • If you need easier visibility of the Argos product range

If a daily product feed sounds like it’d be ideal for your purchasing needs, get in touch and let’s get started.

If you think an everyday business account would be better for less frequent buying for work, you can apply for a business account.

Ready made to power your business