Use Argos to help issue welfare funds

An Argos Business Account is ideal for administering grants and services to beneficiaries. It’s the perfect solution to help you access over 60,000 products for those who need them, fast. From household furniture and electrical appliances, to bedding and kitchen equipment, you can procure everything you need for a range of welfare situations.

The free Business Account lets you order the items in a way that suits you. Access products in all Argos stores or on So whether you’re at your desk or out and about, you can benefit from instant grant administration with a choice of delivery options, plus transparent account management facilities.

Argos Business Account – does it match your needs?

Our Business Account is perfect if you’re looking to procure items regularly, and need to spend over £10,000 per year on items from Argos.

  • Use on all Argos’ digital channels
  • Extended payment terms
  • Issue purchasing cards to your colleagues
  • Consolidate spend
  • Reduce supplier management time
  • VAT made easier with line item detail
  • 60,000 products
  • Use online at
  • Use in your local store for same day collection
  • Delivered same-day direct to your organisation, or your recipients on 1000s of items with Fast Track Delivery

Need to buy items less frequently, or as a one-off?

Simply use your existing payment methods in-store or on Have a Government Procurement Card (GPC) ? You can use that too.

Argos is a brand your families know and trust



We understand that you need to get products out to recipients quickly, so the Business Account works with Argos’ Fast Track delivery service. Our market-leading service offers home delivery in as little as four hours and is available across more than 90% of UK postcodes, seven days a week.

So when you need to get welfare products out to those in need fast, we can deliver 1000s of items the same day, direct to their homes. You just place the order, we’ll do the rest.

Plus, we appreciate that receiving emergency aid is a sensitive area, so when products arrive in an Argos branded vehicle, there is no stigma attached for the recipients.

Maximise your budget and track spending

As a public sector organisation, it’s obviously important to maximise your budget and get the most out of your funds. With an Argos Business Account, you have access to the full Argos product range, with a choice of brands and price points on hundreds of categories. You can even distribute items to multiple recipients without leaving your desk.

Consolidate your procurement

A Business Account at Argos helps you streamline your procurement processes and save you time. It removes the need for messy and time-consuming expense reclaims. Reducing your time spent processing invoices, monitoring multiple service providers and arranging deliveries to your recipients.

Just order the items you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll use the most suitable delivery channels to get the items where they need to be. And for larger items, we’ll contact your recipients directly to arrange the most suitable time to deliver their items.