Making Incentives Easy with Argos for Business

11th April 2014

Motivated employees should be at the heart of every business. An engaged and driven workforce is more efficient, producing better results not only for the individual but also collectively for the good of the company.

Rewarding good work helps employees feel more valued, thanked for a job well done, over and above that of their salary. Incentives encourage employees to maintain excellent standards, which in turn impacts positively on a business’ bottom line, not to mention higher staff retention.

The choice of incentive however, is very important. Reward and recognition remunerations should be separate to the monthly payroll, so that they are viewed as a genuine added benefit.

It also pays to remember that a one-size fits all approach is ineffective, as what might work for one employee, may not for another. Providing the team with the freedom to choose their type of reward is essential, with such flexibility further promoting staff relationships.

That being said, it would be a logistical nightmare to tailor incentives to each individual employee, especially in larger companies.

There is a lot to think about, but when implemented effectively, there is great potential to make positive changes.  The first stage of setting up any rewards programme is to set out the aims of the activity.

At Argos for Business, our clients come to us with a range of different requirements; we help them to define their objectives and offer them a huge choice of simple, flexible and affordable solutions that will help them to achieve their business goals. We also set targets to help monitor success.

Gift cards are a versatile tool and perfect for one off incentives when looking to create a short-term drive in production or performance. With gift cards, the problem of deciding which gifts will be well received is removed as the recipient can choose a gift to suit their needs.

When looking to change staff behaviour in the long-term, an ongoing rewards programme can have positive results. For this we offer reloadable Rewards Cards, which can be created with the company’s own brand, or indeed with the Argos brand. The Rewards Cards allow employers to reward employees on a regular or ad hoc basis.

This flexibility is also extended to the employee, who can purchase exactly what they want equal to the value on their card, or even save their monetary rewards in order to buy more valuable items. Collecting money on their card, and knowing that it will go towards a more valuable item is a great incentive in itself and, for the employer; the Rewards Cards are also a great way to map spending.

For those looking to reward staff with specific products, Argos for Business can provide with Collection Codes that allow businesses to control the distribution of incentives, as products can be purchased in advance and a unique code given to the recipient to collect at their own convenience from an Argos store.