As the busy Christmas season approaches, many of us will be making plans for the festive season in the office. Whether you’re in charge of a big or small team, one of the best ways to create some festive fun in the workplace is to organise a Secret Santa.

If you’re not familiar with Secret Santa, it is essentially a gift exchange, where everyone is allowed a limited sum of money to buy a present for another member of the team. Typically, names are pulled out of a hat, completely confidentially so no one knows who has got to buy for who. You then think of something fun, silly, personal of thoughtful for that person based on what they like (and how good their sense of humour is!). All the presents are then wrapped and placed under the office Christmas Tree, with the names of the recipients on them. Each person then has to come and open their present in front of everyone- which is where all the fun lies, depending on how embarrassing the presents might be- believe us, there is always one!

If you want to spread some cheer in your office this year, follow our simple rules for your Secret Santa;

Be organised

Although Secret Santa is a lot of fun for your team, it does require a little organising. It’s a good idea to put someone from your team in charge, preferably, someone who likes organising and communicating with the whole team. Having an outgoing and sociable team member in charge of Secret Santa will get everyone excited about doing it well, as well as making sure nobody has been forgotten. There would be nothing worse than leaving one member of the team without a gift! Remember, there might be members of your team who do not want to be involved, so be careful not to ostracise these people, there will be varying reasons why they do not want to participate. Also, make sure you set a deadline for your Secret Santa; you want as many people from your team in as possible, so you can all share gifts together!

Set a price limit

It’s important to set a price limit in the initial stages of organising your Secret Santa, and make sure everyone sticks to it. One reason that people might choose not to participate could be to do with costs, as Christmas is an expensive time for everyone. Why not make Secret Santa more accessible to everyone by purchasing £5 gift cards for all of your team members and they could use these to purchase their gifts? With our Gift Cards, you can get them delivered to you in one go, or why not try our digital gift cards? And get eGift Cards delivered straight to your inbox? This will make it really easy for your team to stick to the set price limit.

Don’t take too many risks

Make sure you set the tone of what is acceptable in your working environment; you don’t want anyone to be upset due to an unsuitable or outrageously silly gift. One of the best ways to make sure this doesn’t happen is to set some ground rules of what is acceptable. Get the team together over a cuppa, and when you’re pulling names out of a hat, listen to everyone’s suggestions about what they feel is appropriate or not and make your rules from there. Setting a theme is also a great way to make sure the gift is appropriate. Almost everyone in your office will be a coffee or tea drinker, so why not set the present theme as “mugs”? A guaranteed gift to make them remember the fun of the office Secret Santa every time they make a brew.

Secret Santa is a brilliant exercise to bring your team together. You’ll find that people may have to buy for colleagues in different departments who they don’t interact with on a daily basis, and consequently know very little about. Secret Santa can be a great way to bring your team closer together, as they work hard to learn more about their fellow colleagues to get them a gift they’ll love.