You can use your new Argos Business Account on our business-only digital purchasing channel, the Argos Business Hub, as well as online or in any of our retail stores.

Our Business Hub is a secure online platform which will allow your public sector organisation access to over 60,000 products, track spending and have full account management online. You will also be able to see the latest products, updated prices and real-time product availability. Once your Business Account is open, you will automatically receive log-in details. Alternatively, you can register your Business Account for the Hub here.

If you choose to use your Argos Business Account on our website, you will need to register for an account the first time you order. When selecting the payment method, remember to select the Business Account option to register the purchase with your account.


Business Account FAQs


Do you need multiple cards for colleagues within public sector organisation?


You can add additional card holders via the Business Hub or here, or send an email to You simply need to specify your account number and the name and contact details of the new card holder.


Will the courier contact me before delivery?


We aim to do so where possible, however this is not always possible. If you have multiple deliveries going out to beneficiaries, you can track these using the Argos Business Hub.


Do you provide VAT Invoices?


When making purchases with your Argos Business Account, we will provide line item details, including VAT details on your invoice. All VAT receipts can be viewed using the Business Hub.


I want to order more than 10 of one item – how do I do this?


If you are purchasing ten or more of a single item for your workplace or beneficiaries, you will need to contact 0325 640 0864. We will then be able to check our stock, place the order for you and potentially adjust delivery charges.


Can I use the Fast Track Delivery service with my Business Account?


Yes. If you need to get products out to beneficiaries quick, you can use our Fast Track Delivery service direct to your chosen address.


Is there a minimum or maximum spend on my Business Account?


With a Business Account for your public sector organisation, you need to commit to spending a minimum of £10,000 per year on your account.


How do I pay my invoice?


You can pay your Business Account invoice via Direct Debit, BACS or business cheques. You can download a Direct Debit mandate here, or get in touch with


Are there any charges for having a Business Account?


No, an Argos Business Account is completely free. However, you do need to commit to spending at least £10,000 per year.

Have more questions about how to use your Argos Business Account? Get in touch to speak to a friendly member of our team.