In today’s busy business world, it has never been more important to ensure that your team is motivated and happy in their work. With an abundance of work opportunities available, showing your employees that they are valued and giving them the motivation to continue to work hard is essential if you are to retain the very best staff. It also benefits your business as research shows that motivated employees are significantly more productive. If you’re stuck for ideas as to how to motivate your team, here are five simple approaches you could introduce today.

Setting goals

Human nature means that we are target-driven individuals. We all like to have something to aim for and work towards, as long as we know it will be recognised when we get there. Setting goals are a great way of motivating your team to work hard but you need to ensure that if the target is reached there is some sort of recognition or reward for doing so. Take a look at ‘show your appreciation for hard work’ below for some great ideas.

Empower your employees

Responsibility and ownership of various projects is an effective way to motivate your team to do their very best work. By empowering your employees to manage their own time and determine how they get their work completed you are likely to find that they’ll work harder in order to show just what they can do. Companies such as Virgin are taking empowerment to a new level and scrapping annual leave allowance. This gives employees the chance to make their own decisions about when they need to be in the office and when they can be away.

Show them the fruits of their labour

In many industries employees don’t necessarily see the end result of the work they do. If they work as part of a team, typically they will only see their own individual part completed rather than the final product. However, knowing how something ends is really important. Show your employees what they have achieved and been a part of in order to motivate them to want to continue their work and better themselves next time.

Show appreciation for hard work

Everyone loves to receive a gift now and again, and in the workplace it should be no different. Giving someone a present to show your appreciation for a job well done can come at a small financial cost but have a huge reward in terms of boosting team motivation and employee morale.

What’s more, finding something to give doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Our gift cards are perfect as staff rewards. You’ll be giving them a choice of over 50,000 products from the whole of the Argos range, so they are sure to find something they love. It’s an ideal way to show your appreciation for your employee, while rewarding them with something they may have been wanting for a while.

If you want to send a gift or reward instantly, our new eGift Cards are ideal for you. These digital gift cards enable you to choose an amount to give and can be ready and sent to your employee in minutes and directly via email, making it simpler than ever to show your thanks and motivate your team to continue their hard work.

Celebrate milestone events

One way to motivate your team is to celebrate milestone events together. Throwing even just a small office get-together at Christmas or for birthdays allows your employees to enjoy some time together away from work and builds friendships and personal bonds. How about using our eGift Cards to send £5 to each of your employees, encouraging them to buy secret Santa gifts from Argos for their colleagues? A great way to spread some festive cheer!

For more about Argos Gift Cards, our new eGift Cards and how you can get hold of them, get in touch with us today.