If you’re looking for a way to reward your employees, it can be difficult to know precisely what to get. Of course, you want to ensure that they are rewarded with something they like, but with employees differing in ages and tastes, it can be challenging to find something which suits everyone in your team.

Increasingly, businesses are turning to gift cards as an ideal way to reward their staff. If it’s not something you’ve considered before, then here’s a look at the benefits of using them.

Employees get something they really want

A gift card is a versatile reward that allows your employees to choose what they want for themselves. It gives them the choice to buy something if they have just the item in mind or save it for something they might want in the future. This vast choice over what your staff can buy and when they buy it, means that gift cards are actually a very personal reward and your employee ends up with something which they keep or use for years to come.

Rewards are instant

Sometimes you want to recognise great work instantly. That’s when a digital gift card is a great option. Digital gift cards are normally purchased online and sent directly to your recipient’s inbox, allowing you to appreciate and give a gift for the work someone has done straight away. This instant gratification is ideal for employee motivation and morale, showing them their work is valued.

Bonuses your employees will actually see

A gift card means that your reward won’t be lost. Although a monetary bonus in a person’s pay packet is always welcomed, the truth is that, for many people, the money very quickly gets swallowed up in paying for something else. A gift card ensures that the recipient can’t use it for paying their water bill and will be more inclined to treat themselves.

Flexible for everyone

There’s great flexibility when purchasing gift cards as you can choose from a variety of brands or shops. There is normally a range of denominations which means whether you give a value large or small, your employees can get something they want.

Spending gift cards is just as flexible for the recipient, especially in terms of where they can be spent. For example, if you choose an Argos Gift Card, then, statistically, 90% of the UK population live just 10 miles from their nearest Argos store. There are over 880 stores across the country so it’s so easy for your recipient to pop in and grab their gift. Argos Gift Cards and eGift Cards can also be redeemed online, meaning they don’t even need to leave the house to get something they want. Gift cards usually have an expiry date of 12 months or longer, so your team won’t need to rush to redeem them.

Easy for you to budget

Using gift cards for employee recognition is really easy for you to organise and helps you plan your budget spend. Whether you wanted a few gift cards or hundreds, it’s really simple to get gift cards organised. At Argos for Business, we make ordering for your business easy. And our set denominations mean that whether you want to gift a little or a lot, you can stay on top of your spend.

If you’d like to find out more about organising Argos Gift Cards or eGift Cards for your business, then get in touch with our team of experts today to find out more.