Christmas is an exciting time in the office. Somehow, despite busy workloads, endless shopping to do and presents to wrap, everyone manages to get into the spirit of Christmas. And if you’re the boss, it is the perfect opportunity to boost morale in the workplace and reward your staff for the year they’ve had and make sure they look forward to the next one.

But this can be a real challenge. How do you choose the ideal gift for all the different characters in your team? They may all be very different people, with wide-ranging interests and across different generations.

Here are some ideas to help you find something to make each and every member of your team feel valued and rewarded for all their hard work:

A Gift Card or eGift Card

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Gift cards or eGift cards are easy to purchase and mean you can make sure everyone gets something of the same value. If your budgets aren’t that big or you have a lot of staff, gift cards are a no-brainer as they can be topped up by the recipient so they can purchase something they really want, which will ultimately be of far greater value to them. There’s also no wrapping involved!

Lottery tickets

There are of course no guarantees that anyone will have those lucky numbers (and you risk a winner handing in their notice and jetting off around the world if they do), but lottery tickets are a really nice gift idea. Perfect for small budgets, lottery tickets are a sweet gesture and of course can spark those ice-breaking conversations on how you’d spend your winnings if you won!

Dinner or a party

Everybody loves a party, right? If you have the means to arrange a team Christmas dinner or party your staff will thank you. The build-up can be really exciting, preparing what to wear and anticipating the fun that often happens when staff members let their hair down. Whether it’s a proper knees-up with Christmas jumpers, a DJ and lots of sparkle or a more sophisticated affair, a dinner or party are really nice ways to say thank you to your team for all their hard work throughout the year.

An experience to share with family

If your team are all family people, this is a lovely thing to do to say thank you to husbands, wives, children and wider family members for supporting your worker in their role. It could be a visit from Santa for the children, a family day with a magician in the office, or something families can go and do together like a day at a theme park. Whichever you choose you will be buying loyalty from your team and their team.

Hampers or edible gifts

Giving a lovely hamper, some wine or box of chocolates can really help your team to enjoy their Christmas that little bit more. There’s also plenty of scope here to suit any budget. Hampers are brilliant, especially if they come in a nice box/basket that can be used again. This is a really nice way to gift your employees with something that will help them get the most out of their holiday.

An extra day of holiday

Who wouldn’t love an extra day off? Particularly one you weren’t expecting! Whether you suddenly announce that tomorrow will be a duvet day or you let your staff choose when to take it (perhaps to help them get through their Christmas shopping lists), this is a really nice morale booster for everyone involved.