Employers are still witnessing the benefits of rewarding hard-working employees

13th February 2015

 Andrew Johnson Director-General of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association

“Employee motivation is vital for all firms, large and small. National Employee Motivation Day is therefore a great chance for businesses to acknowledge the good work carried out by their employees and remind themselves of the importance of maintaining a motivated workforce. After all, a business is its staff. Poor staff performance can therefore directly impact customers. Rewarding staff to incentivise and motivate them will boost commitment and confidence and sustain morale within the business. The stronger the focus and commitment from a team of employees, the more likely the business will accomplish the results it is aiming to achieve, and more.

Gift cards and vouchers can be a simple way to reward and motivate staff. Our latest report compiled independently by consultants at BDO shows that like-for-like corporate sales of gift cards and vouchers were up by 10.14% in the third quarter (Q3) of 2014. This demonstrates that employers are still witnessing the benefits of rewarding hard-working employees with gift cards and vouchers as part of staff incentive or reward schemes.

By taking a fresh approach to rewarding and motivating staff, businesses can improve staff loyalty and staff drive throughout the year. This in turn will result in a more stable, successful workplace. Tailoring the right reward to an individual demonstrates genuine gratitude for the work they do and will result in higher employee satisfaction and a more motivated workforce.”