Nov 8th

Gold and Silver Glory for Argos for Business and Employee Motivation Day

It’s been a glittering few days for Argos for Business as our national event, Employee Motivation Day, scooped both a gold and silver award at this year’s CIPR PRide North West awards.
emd afb awardsOriginally launched in 2015 by our PR team, JAMpr, Employee Motivation Day (EMD) is a day dedicated to inspiring passion and appreciation across the country’s workforce, on behalf of Argos for Business. EMD was designed to educate employers and managers on the benefits of a motivated workforce, hitting home the message that it costs far less to retain staff than it does to replace them.

For the 2016 event Argos for Business worked with Opinion Matters to establish different work personalities and how they contribute to a team.

Our questioning of 2,000 Brits revealed which employees identified with Captain Questions, Independent Introverts, Big Idea Bods and so on.

Feb 13th

Employers are still witnessing the benefits of rewarding hard-working employees

 Andrew Johnson Director-General of the UK Gift Card & Voucher AssociationDirector-General of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association

 "Employee motivation is vital for all firms, large and small. National Employee Motivation Day is therefore a great chance for businesses to acknowledge the good work carried out by their employees and remind themselves of the importance of maintaining a motivated workforce. After all, a business is its staff. Poor staff performance can therefore directly impact customers. Rewarding staff to incentivise and motivate them will boost commitment and confidence and sustain morale within the business. The stronger the focus and commitment from a team of employees, the more likely the business will accomplish the results it is aiming to achieve, and more.


Dec 10th

Employee Motivation Day - 21st January 2015

If your organisation is anything like those surveyed recently, over half your colleagues regularly feel demotivated at work. That is why Argos for Business have decided to do something about it with the launch of the UK’s first official National Employee Motivation Day.

21st January

It’s a day to help celebrate the efforts of the nation’s workforce and encourage everybody to feel more motivated in their jobs. A day to boost morale and increase productivity. A day when we aim to support employers and businesses to better understand the power of motivation and the effect of rewarding and incentivising those who matter – employees.

  • Argos for Business will be unveiling top tips from Adrian Webster, one of the UK’s leading motivational business speakers.
  • In addition there are exclusive giveaways and opportunities to win, via dedicated Facebook  and Twitter  pages.
  • We’ll also will reveal the results of our “Motivated Britain” research
  • Plus offer the British workforce the opportunity to nominate their bosses or managers for their great motivational techniques.


Apr 11th

Brits snub extra holidays in favour of shopping

AfB Christmas Gifting Survey - 2013

  • Two fifths of Brits would choose shopping vouchers over an extra days holiday as the ideal Christmas gift from their boss
  • Out of date Easter eggs, vegetable peelers and even cat food given by bosses
  • Almost half receive no gift at all at Christmas from their bosses (42.7%)

Hard working Brits have snubbed an additional days holiday in favour of shopping vouchers as the ideal Christmas gift to receive from their bosses, a survey has revealed.

Proving that the British work ethic is alive and well, two fifths (40%) of the nation’s workforce would warmly welcome gift vouchers from their employers this festive season, compared to only 31% keen for an extra lie in.

Sadly, for over 42% of workers there’s not even a lump of coal waiting for them at their desks, with the poll of over 7,000 Brits revealing they receive no yuletide reward at all from their miserly managers.

The research commissioned by Argos for Business – a leading provider of merchandise, incentive and motivation solutions for businesses and organisations – has also exposed some of the biggest gifting gaffes made by employers during the festive period.

Vegetable peelers, cat food (for a worker with no cat), a banana, a frozen chicken, a live turkey, and even a ‘dance off’, ala David Brent, have been some of the most misguided ‘rewards’ offered by the UK’s employers. Read more...

Blurred Lines: What exactly is a benefit?

Danny Clenaghan, Managing Director at Argos for Business, takes a look at how the definition of a benefit has changed in years gone by:

Historically, an employee benefit has been seen as a ‘compensation’ of sorts, given to employees in addition to their regular salary.

In recent years this viewpoint has changed and the employer focus has shifted when it comes to employee benefits. In the past, employee benefits may have comprised of occupational sick pay, health insurance and workplace pensions, but these types of benefits are now often seen as an extension of a salary and the ‘perks’ are now considered to be the benefit.

Attractive non-contractual packages may help to encourage an employee to join a company in the first instance, but that initial feeling of satisfaction doesn’t always last. Businesses have learnt that keeping employees motivated and engaged are key to improving sales, productivity, morale and that it can even change behaviour in terms of improving discretionary effort and time keeping whilst reducing absenteeism.

Cash bonuses were a popular choice of employee benefit and are still well received by employees, but the true impact has been brought into question as over time, employees have begun to expect a bonus and consider it as a part of their pay packet. When a bonus is paid directly into an employees’ bank account, it is also easier for them to spend on everyday expenses instead of a genuine reward.

As some businesses were forced to make cut backs during the recession, cash related incentives such as pay reviews and bonuses were an obvious casualty. Increasingly, employers have begun to look for new ways to implement rewards and motivate employees more effectively to ensure maximum return on investment. Giving something more tangible has become more popular.

Those who are better educated about the different options will see the most success.

Issues to be considered:

  • Tailored choice – should an employer buy a specific gift, such as a food hamper, a bottle of wine, or an iPod? Or should it offer additional holidays or flexible working? Whatever the choice, it is important to consider staff needs and aspirations so that the reward can cater to recipients Based on what motivates / interests them. The right choice also allows the employer to align themselves with a highly regarded product or brand that reflects the company ethos
  • A one-size fits all approach could be ineffective – for maximum effect, the employer would need to offer a benefit that would meet the needs / desires of a range of individuals
  • Creating a rewards system that can easily be adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of the business is a challenge. They may need quick results, or be looking to change behaviour over time, so flexibility is key
  • Financial pressure on individuals and families means that it has become more important to separate reward and recognition remunerations from the monthly payroll, so that employees view them as a genuine added benefit

Keeping in mind the above, the way in which an employer goes about implementing their rewards strategy has become crucial.

Some employers believe giving a physical gift has a more personal touch and instant impact, so where this is deemed desirable, Argos for Business customers can choose from a huge range of 50,000 products available in-store and online, including electricals, jewellery and watches, technology, sporting goods, home furnishings and toys.

Businesses also need to give thought to whether or not they can hold stock. Argos for Business developed Argos Collection Code to remove the need for businesses to store goods or arrange delivery where providing a product is desirable – employees are given a code and can use it to pick their reward up at their own convenience from any Argos store. This ensures a more instant impact and removes any risk of the feel good moment being lost whilst the employee awaits delivery.

Gift cards are also popular because of the flexibility they afford – the employee can choose a gift to meet their own needs and so provide a great solution for employers working with a mixed demographic. They also come in a range of denominations, which makes them easier to distribute whether allocating a high or low level of spend. Argos Gift Cards can be redeemed at any one of 735 Argos stores nationwide.

The ability to top-up a reloadable gift card is also appealing where a medium to long term incentive scheme is required. In circumstances where employers look to change behaviour, for example, staff can be rewarded for performance and dedication over the course of several months.

Knowing your aims and the different options available from the outset will go a long way to helping you choose what works for your employees.




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