Feb 9th

Tips to help motivate your employees

In 2015, Argos for Business launched the idea of a national day to help remind business leaders of the importance and impact a simple thank you can have on people and business performance. And Employee Motivation Day (EMD) was born.
Since then thousands of businesses have used the concept of holding an event as a way to bring motivation and its importance to the forefront of their leaders thinking and behaviour.

Jan 11th

6 qualities of a successful leader

Being in a leadership position can be challenging on many levels. Dealing with the responsibilities of being in charge, managing teams of people, delivering on time and on budget whilst inspiring those around you – it’s a big job for even the most natural born leaders.
When asked what makes a good leader, here are the qualities most often quoted by staff: Read more...

Dec 7th

How to organise the Office Secret Santa

As the busy Christmas season approaches, many of us will be making plans for the festive season in the office. Whether you’re in charge of a big or small team, one of the best ways to create some festive fun in the workplace is to organise a Secret Santa. Read more...

Nov 9th

Five Christmas Gift ideas for your employees

Christmas is an exciting time in the office. Somehow, despite busy workloads, endless shopping to do and presents to wrap, everyone manages to get into the spirit of Christmas. And if you’re the boss, it is the perfect opportunity to boost morale in the workplace and reward your staff for the year they’ve had and make sure they look forward to the next one.

Oct 30th

How to start a rewards and recognition scheme in your workplace

Holding on to your best employees is one of the toughest challenges that companies face. A recent study showed that 80% of employees say they are more willing to work hard when their boss shows that they appreciate their work*. We all know that happiness and contentment at work is really important and is also a key way to ensure employees don’t start to look elsewhere. But where do you start with rewards and recognition in your workplace?

Positive morale is vital to a company’s success and can boost productivity, so we’ve listed our top tips on how to get started.

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