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March 17th 2017

An average working week in the UK is 40 hours, and if you’re office based, most of those hours are spent sitting down. Whether you’re at your desk working through emails, in a meeting room making important decisions or having lunch in the staff room, you probably haven’t given the humble chair a second thought. (Unless a wheel fell off or it’s become a right pain in the back). But when was the last time you replaced your chairs?

If the chairs in your office have seen better days, is it time for an upgrade?

Desk Chairs

A recent study* shows that British office workers spend nearly 5 hours a day at their desk, often without moving. If that time is spent on a squeaky, lumpy, wonky wheeled chair, then it’s enough to make the most motivated workforce struggle. Keeping your staff comfy and happy whilst they’re at their desks should be a priority as staff are likely to be more focussed and productive.

When choosing seating, you need to consider the needs of the individual, so why not get your staff involved in selecting the new chairs? After all, a valued workforce will be more creative and efficient for you and the business.

We recommend:

Meeting Room Chairs

The most important furniture in your conference or meeting room are the chairs. Your meeting room is where you welcome visitors into your company, meaning it can be their first impression of your business. And the furniture can have a big impact. As well as this, visitors and your staff might have to sit for a long period of time, so comfort is a big factor.

When choosing chairs for your meeting room, you need to consider how much space you have. If it is a large space then you’ve got more freedom with the chairs you can choose, whereas in a smaller space, you will need to think more about your seating.

Things to consider:

  • How many people do you need to fit around a table?
  • Do you need chairs on wheels so people can move around your meeting room, to take part in team activities for example?
  • Is your meeting room multi-purpose? For example, one day is it used for a round the table meeting, but the next is it used for a large department briefing?
  • Do you need chairs that can be stacked or folded away?

All these factors will help make the decision on what is right for you.

We recommend:

Staff Room Chairs

Staff rooms are an important space in the workplace, providing your staff with somewhere to sit away from their desks and away from their computer screens. Staff rooms can be used to eat lunch, catch up with fellow colleagues or hold impromptu/informal meetings. And having an area within your business where staff can go to relax shows your appreciation to your staff and can help to boost morale and productivity.

It’s a good idea to make space to provide different types of seating. Tables with seats give staff somewhere to sit and eat lunch. On the other hand, chairs and sofas give staff somewhere to rest and recharge for the afternoon ahead.

We recommend:

Updating the chairs in your workplace, and giving your staff a nice place to sit and relax or be more comfortable at their desk can make your workforce feel more valued and motivated.

If your chairs are on their last legs (literally), there are loads of options when it comes to renewing chairs for work or furnishing a new office space. Buying in bulk can save you money and hassle. It’s also a great option to make sure all your office furniture matches and you can get everything delivered at once. Especially handy if you need lots of chairs for a large meeting room or you’re treating your staff to new office furniture.

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