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Buying for your School, with Argos for Business

May 10th 2017

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The summer holidays are fast approaching and if class room refurbishments are on the agenda this summer, or you need to replace a few worn-out items, now is the perfect time to set up a free Argos Business Account. Your account only takes a few days to set up but once it’s done, you’ll be ready to save on thousands of items. When you need them most.

Get thousands of items for your school

We have over 50,000 products so whether you are refreshing the reception area, sourcing new tablets for the pupils, sprucing up your staff room or expanding due to a larger intake in September, our Business Account is the ideal partner for your procurement needs.
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Are you sitting comfortably?

March 17th 2017

Posted in: Business Tips & Advice

An average working week in the UK is 40 hours, and if you’re office based, most of those hours are spent sitting down. Whether you’re at your desk working through emails, in a meeting room making important decisions or having lunch in the staff room, you probably haven’t given the humble chair a second thought. (Unless a wheel fell off or it’s become a right pain in the back). But when was the last time you replaced your chairs?

If the chairs in your office have seen better days, is it time for an upgrade?

Desk Chairs

A recent study* shows that British office workers spend nearly 5 hours a day at their desk, often without moving. If that time is spent on a squeaky, lumpy, wonky wheeled chair, then it’s enough to make the most motivated workforce struggle. Keeping your staff comfy and happy whilst they’re at their desks should be a priority as staff are likely to be more focussed and productive.

When choosing seating, you need to consider the needs of the individual, so why not get your staff involved in selecting the new chairs? After all, a valued workforce will be more creative and efficient for you and the business.

We recommend:

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Why Gift Cards make the best last minute gift for your employees

December 13th 2016

Posted in: Business Tips & Advice, Employee Motivation

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to thank your staff for all their hard work this year as well as build morale for the year ahead. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift to give your employees, make life a little easier and give a Gift Card.

Give a gift your employee will love

When choosing Christmas gifts, picking one item that’s perfect as a present for a range of individuals is difficult, but a Gift Card solves this problem. In an Argos for Business Christmas Gifting Survey, 40% of the nations employees said gift cards from their employers this festive season would be their ideal gift and it’s easy to see why:

  • Gift Cards give your employees the freedom to choose what they really want at Christmas which makes your present even more memorable.
  • They can spend it straight away or wait until the January sales
  • They can use their Gift Card to treat themselves or treat a family member or friend

Treat your employees to an Argos Gift Card this year and give them the gift of over 50,000 products to choose from. Gift Cards can be used online* at, via the Argos app or in any UK Argos Store.
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Five ways to acquire new customers

November 11th 2016

Posted in: Business Tips & Advice, Latest Argos for Business News

Whether you are just starting out or have been running your business for a long time, are a small company with a handful of employees or a large corporation, something we all have in common is the need for new customers.

These days, every business has to work hard to attract new customers so we have gathered a few ideas that can help you bring in new business.

1. Word of mouth works

If you’ve already got a number of customers, give them an incentive to recommend their friends. If each current customer recommended one friend, you could double your customer base very quickly! The “recommend a friend” idea is widely used from small to large businesses. You could offer your customers money off their next purchase when they recommend a friend or you could always reward them with a gift to say thank you. Gift Cards are a perfect incentive to get referrals if a cash discount isn’t right for your business.

2. Make your website customer friendly

If your online presence doesn’t compare to those of your competitors, then it needs updating. Fast. If there isn’t a good journey for customers to follow on your website, then chances are they will leave and carry on searching elsewhere.

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Gold and Silver Glory for Argos for Business and Employee Motivation Day

November 8th 2016

Posted in: Employee Motivation, Latest Argos for Business News

It’s been a glittering few days for Argos for Business as our national event, Employee Motivation Day, scooped both a gold and silver award at this year’s CIPR PRide North West awards.
emd afb awardsOriginally launched in 2015 by our PR team, JAMpr, Employee Motivation Day (EMD) is a day dedicated to inspiring passion and appreciation across the country’s workforce, on behalf of Argos for Business. EMD was designed to educate employers and managers on the benefits of a motivated workforce, hitting home the message that it costs far less to retain staff than it does to replace them.

For the 2016 event Argos for Business worked with Opinion Matters to establish different work personalities and how they contribute to a team.

Our questioning of 2,000 Brits revealed which employees identified with Captain Questions, Independent Introverts, Big Idea Bods and so on.
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